1. Media may refer to communications. Communication tools used to store and deliver information or data.

2. Print Media Newspapers,Magazines,Books and other printed material. Electronic Media Radio,Television,Internet,Cinema etc.


3. Media is everywhere, it has become a part of our daily life. The media play a dominant role in the learning process. Media has potential to shape personalities, change the way we perceive and understand the world and our immediate reality.


4. The role of Print Media in the process of education is of special importance. Print Media like Newspapers, Journals and Magazines are the basic oldest channels of communication between one source to other. Print Media are being printed in every regional language to facilitate, the readers to get information and knowledge in ones own mother tongue.


5. Newspapers: Through newspapers, we can get news,information,and we can learn our National Language,and English Newspapers are very helpful to learn the English Language. Newspapers was the best way of learning before Independence, and creating public opinion in the time of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Journals: Journals are magazines which publish on the daily bases. The journal of educational change in an international, professionally referred, state of the artscholarly journals, reflecting the most important ideas and evidence of educational change.


6. The journal of educational change welcomes and supports contributions from a range of disciplines, including history,psychology,political science,sociology,anthropology,philosophy and administration and organizational theory and from a broad spectrum of methodologies including quantitative and qualitative research and conceptual developments.


7. Magazines Through magazines, we can learn by articles,features,interviews,short stories, and we can get very nice literature by magazines. Different types of magazines having different and versatile knowledge of over all the world.


8. Book is the best source of education. A lot of material of formal and informal education is available in the books. Mostly students depend upon this medium to learn the education. In spite of modern technology, still this medium is popular for the learning.


9. First of all, Role of Radio in the Educational Process Radio is also playing a important role in education. Talk shows about politics, finance and other programmes are the source of informal education. Many Personalities,Scholars,Professionalists come in radio as a chief guest, by live calls, we take a lot of information and learned by this way.


10. Community Radio System: Community Radio System have made for education. Radio has now started to enter into the education sector with the name of community radio system. The term community radio signifies radio broadcasting with the objectives of serving the community by involving members of the community. It will help the students to hone their public speaking skill.


11. The number of broadcasting organizations have moved forward to introduce community radio in schools and colleges. With the introduction of this technology, quite a few civil society organizations have come forward to broadcast their educative radio programming.Moreover,this kind of radio will help students to revise their classroom teaching, which they may forget. The impact of community radio is massive and its impact felt on every section of the society.


12. Internet is a medium, which made the World a Global Village. Around the World students are being globally connected with one another via Internet. We’ve been seen that large number of people depend on the Internet to collect information, read news, play games and also for searching process and business work. Online learning has assumed the role of an important media for imparting distance education.


13. The most important advantage of online distance education is to earn a degree from one’s home or work place. We can get knowledge and information through charts,maps,graphs,moving images,slides,and video clippings and even audio recordings via Internet. It helps to understand the entire syllabus without the help of a teacher. The students are able to interact with their peers through online class projects-mails and also with the help of online conferencing and chat makes learning easier and entertaining. The availability of online libraries with their huge collection of books has also made the learning process easier and worthwhile.


14. Television is the powerful media that will reach all sorts of people. It is a source of informal education.TV does play an important role in shaping a person’s life, both professionally and personality.It does provide the value addition knowledge to the concerned person, irrespective of his profession. We’ve a lot of programs on almost everything. There is something for everyone, Channel like Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet etc does provide us with immense knowledge from the subject inventions.TV provide to learn so many things like politics,business,finance,nature,different languages learn through dramas and movies, cooking etc.Different News Channels help to up update our knowledge.


15. Films are considered a major mass medium because of their mass appeal and influence on society. Film is also a source of informal education We can know about different cultures, and other societies norms,values,civilizations, and way of living by films .Film is playing a important role for learn the different languages. Film deliverers a moral lesson to the viewers. Its depend upon viewers, how that they perceive. Many historical films tell us the old history of the Nations. In a dramatic way, films tell us a current situation of the World like terrorism,corruption,extremism,social evils etc


16. We can rightly conclude that the effect of media is vast on the life of each and every individual. With the on-going development of information and technology in the society, media has given particular attention to the need of education and cultural diversity and promoted media consciousness among individuals. Last but not the least, Media has opened a new dimension and gave a new meaning to education. Education has become more entertaining like never before.